Limited Warranty - Warranty Period

Limited Warranty & Warranty Period
Kobi Windows & Doors warranties its product against manufacturing defects for a period of 1 year including parts & labor from date of receiving merchandise, 5 years warranty on glass. Kobi Windows & Doors warranties does not cover products purchased from 3rd party vendors such as Milgard, Jeldwen, PRL, ABS, & El & El wood. Products purchased from 3rd party vendors must go through manufacturer warranty process. All installations must be performed by a licensed contractor and/or glazer on site. Should installation not be performed by a licensed contractor, warranty will be null and void. Before handling Kobi Windows products: Check the size and style to assure that it is correct Check for manufacturing defects Do not cut, install, hang, or finish without checking #1 and #2 at the time of delivery Kobi Windows will not assume responsibility or cost for re-hanging and refinishing. Replacement Parts/Products: The limited warranty does NOT cover:
  1. Installation, removal of client’s items or shipping costs
  2. Products, that in Kobi Windows & Doors’ judgment, have been subjected to abuse, alteration, modification, tampering, negligence misuse, faulty installation by client or their designee, lack of reasonable care, accident or other external causes, including but not limited to earthquakes, fire, floods, weather, or condensation.
  3. Products that have been altered by removal of aluminum frames
  4. Products that have been subject to improper or incorrectly performed maintenance or repair
  5. Products that have been purchased through an inventory clearance, discounted sale, or other sale in which

In case of a defective door, it is the option of Kobi Windows & Doors to:

  1. Repair
  2. Replace
  3. Refund the whole cost

Submitting a claim:
 Upon discovery of any defect of the product, the original purchaser shall notify Kobi Windows & Doors. Claims under this limited warranty must be made in writing within the period of this warranty and prior to the beginning of any repair work. Kobi Windows & Doors shall evaluate the product/situation within a reasonable period of time and if Kobi Windows & Doors determines that the defect in question is covered by this Limited Warranty, Kobi Windows & Doors shall repair or replace product or part as soon as practical.


In no event will Kobi Windows & Doors be liable to the purchaser for any damages including but not limited to, any direct, special incidental or consequential damages arising out of or relating to the sale, installation, or use of or inability to use the product.

Please include the following information in any claim:
1. Original Purchaser (as written on the invoice)
2. Invoice #
3. Purchase Date
4. Date of Receipt
5. Phone number
6. Email address
7. Mailing address
8. Date submitting claim

Transfer: The limited warranty is NOT assignable or otherwise transferable
Notices: All Notices and other communications provided herein shall be sent to the address and/or fax number set forth below:

Kobi Windows & Doors
7326 Laurel Canyon Blvd
North Hollywood, CA 91605
Phone: 818-764-6400
Warranty Form:
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